Fundraising for the treatment of “crazy heart”.

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New Year on LinkedIn will be dedicated to solidarity: live from Filippo Poletti’s profile “LinkedIn Italia Top Voice 2020” Thursday December 31 st at 17:45, is going to take place the talk “New Normal Live”.

The event is dedicated to promoting the fundraising to treat arrhythmogenic heart disease of the right ventricle, known as “the disease of cuore matto” whom many athletes suffer from – as the football player Piermario Morosini and many others youths.

To the 13 millions of Italian professionals on LinkedIn will be asked to support Padua GECA Onlus association by bank transfer: the funds raised will be donated to the Biology Department of University of Padova, worldwide centre of excellence for the study of the arrhythmogenic heart disease of the right ventricle which needs to be founded to keep up the researches on the medication able to stop the formation of adipose and fibrotic tissue – the cause of the “cuore matto” disease.

The focus of the talk on LinkedIn will be Professor Alessandra Rampazzo from the Biology Department of the University of Padova, Professor Fabio Rossi of the Medical genetics Department from British Columbia of Vancouver University and the President of GECA Onlus Association Graziella Paola Marcon.

Correspondent of Corriere della Sera of Paris Stefano Montefiori and computer engineer Giacomo Inches, partner of GECA Association will bring their testimony.

The psychologist Monica Bormetti and the journalist and influencer of LinkedIn Poletti will lead the talk.

The arrhythmogenic heart disease of the right ventricle is an hereditary disease – says Rampazzo – it affects 1/5000 people and causes 2 deaths each year every 100 thousand people under 35 years old. Between 1980 and 2015 in Italy this disease has caused the sudden death of 190 young athletes. After the identification of 7 genes involved in the growth of the heart disease and after, recently, identifying the cells that are helping the growth of adipose and fibrotic tissue in the affected thanks to a study carried out by British Columbia of Vancouver University, we are now ready to test out new medicines that – for the first time ever – might stop the molecular mechanisms and block the disease progression. In vivo testing that we just started might lead, in two or three years’ time, to the identification of the drug to cure this pathology”.

The patients look out for the collaboration between Italy and Canada:

“The University of Padova has a wide clinic and genetic experience on this disease. The Vancouver one is specialized on cellular changes – underlines Rossi –. Our fields are complementary: that’s why we started to actively collaborate. In Canada there is a public funding system for research, so we have the opportunity to carry out already launched projects”.

Waiting on the medication are many youths, hopeful to keep on playing sport healthily alongside GECA association of Paova.

Born to be close to all “cuori matti”

Arrhythmic events are triggered by many factors, so they are unpredictable – says Marcon. –. This leads patients and their relatives to live out an on going worrying state. The new drug able to stop the growth of this pathology is for us all the goal to reach and for which – thanks also to LinkedIn – we are asking for as many people’s support on New Year. That’s the reason why we will meet online on this platform, supporting – once again – this battle for life”.

Opening the talk on linkedIn will be the news report of journalist Montefiori:

The life of the ones affected by “cuore matto” is linked to the unknown onset of the aritmic events – underlines Montefiori, class of 1968. –. Talking about it on New Years on LinkdIn means drawing attention to the health right: even if some disease affect only a limited group of people doesn’t mean, indeed, they should be overlooked”.

One of this year’s lessons is about to end – commented Poletti and Bormetti, hosts of “New Normal live”, weekly talk whose subject is the new normality on LinkedIn – is re-reading the word I as WE. Never before, indeed, is needed to rediscover the strength in WE. That’s the reason why, even online, we request LinkedIn community to join us in fighting against heart diseases on New Years and every following episodes of 2021. Our shared commitment is for the new normality to have the collaboration of many on LinkedIn on behalf of well-being and health”.


Our dream is to give a normal life to our kids, to our families and to everyone who suffers from an arrhythmogenic heart disease of the right ventricle.
It means no longer fear, fear of not knowing or being able to look out for a fatal arrhythmic event and stop it.

It means we reached the goal that’s been the reason for our association’s birth 20 years ago to prevent Sudden Death.

GECA counts on 800 families and only through the generosity of donations we are able to offer our services free.
It has always been our and our volunteers’ purpose to support every young and their families promoting the knowledge of the disease and its prevention.

We established:

  • A phone number always active
  • Cardiologic genetic consultations at our location
  • An agreement with the cardiology unit of Padova Hospital
  • Psychological consultation for troubles that come along with this disease that are never exclusive of the patient but affect all the family members, especially the parents who may feel guilty for passing on the problem and being tha cause of sacrificies and limitation or disease of their children.

Another goal is SUPPORT TO RESEARCH since we’re sure new scientific knowledge will give us a safer and better life.
When professor Rampazzo shared the promising results and the difficulties that research is fighting with to reach this goal, we immediately started a FOUND RAISING to get the founds needed.

I take this opportunity to thank Monica and Filippo to free all of our dreams and hopes to get as soon as possible a drug able to stop the disease, thanks to your speech that testify what we can all see in your eyes.

A warm thank goes to all donors and Stella di Lorenzo (TAG) Association for their generous contribution to Agorà di Valgrghentino (TAG) project and association that has been supporting us for 12 years.

We thank the over 100 newspapers that mentioned the event giving us visibility.


I am asking all of yours help to reach this goal that we need to make together.

A thank goes to each one of you for making a donation and supporting us in the new year.

To make a donation visit the link Rete del dono.

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