Association “Giovani e Cuore Aritmico Onlus – Geca Onlus” kept up since 2000 support, informative and research activities for the sudden juvenile death prevention as a complication of arrhythmic heart disease of genetic origin, specifically Arrhythmic Heart Disease of Right Ventricle.
As of today many sides of these diseases that lead to many deaths – especially in the younger population and in the sport field – are still unknown. Unexpected death. Knowing the cause of death is fundamental to help look out for this pathology with genetic base even in the relatives of the patient.
Cardiology of the University of Padua to contribute to the research of Prof. Barbara Bauce on hereditary-familial arrhythmic cardiomyopathies
In occasion of the visit to Geca’s headquarters – at Via Crescini 141 Bis, Padova – volunteers showed the many activities carried out as precise standard for medical and scientific information, cardiologic and genetic consultations, psychological support, school projects and informative meeting.