Venice Film Festival
Padiglione of Veneto Region
Short film
Tuesday September 6 th 2022 – 6.00 PM
Sala Fellini – Hotel Excelsior

This event stands for the ultimate act of an extremely important journey as “LE PALESTRE DELLA SALUTE” that has been seeing for years the AULSS 2 MARCA TREVIGIANA leader of the regional project on prescribed physical exercise involving chronicity, indoor activities of Direzione Prevenzione of Veneto strategy that looks out for the fight against chronic diseases. Geca Onlus joined the project as well. Anche GECA Onlus ha aderito al progetto.

The great results achieved lead to other observations on the younger subjects who suffer from mostly cardiac diseases (those are the ones that make sport at high intensity dangerous for their life) because more than ever is asked to young patients and their relatives associated with sport medicine, to give answers to these kids about what type of physical activities and sport is compatible with their new clinical status – answers that are hardly found in clinical cardiology and paediatric cardiac diseases.

That’s why it’s been suggested a personalised physical training to them within our “Palestre della Salute” project and in case this wouldn’t be acceptable for the younger patient we are working on a new protocol that search for a new type of training as close as possible to their sport discipline that can be performed safely.

That’s the birth of a new journey, called “Il secondo tempo di Julian Ross” that refers to the well known Japanese manga character Captain Tsubasa (in Italy known as Holly and Benji), created by Yoichi Takahashi. Even Julian Ross, as many teens that go through evaluation, at some point has to live out the conflict between a cardiac disease diagnosis and his will to keep up their beloved sport.